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05.23.22  SAT0600 Student Detail Report

Update:  The SAT0600 Student Detail Report is working as designed, since the TCC has added the new part for Tier 1, 2 & 3 to this report.

There is an issue with the format of this report.  A ticket to the TCC has been submitted.


05.19.22 Summer PEIMS Batch Error

Duplicate entries are being created for students that have any of the three truancy indicators marked. This is only affecting students that will attend a new campus the next school year. The duplicate records will cause the student attendance extension to fail in the batch manager.


05.18.22  AAR (Academic Achievement Record)

 In Grade Reporting > Maintenance > Student > Individual Maint > CUMULATIVE COURSES > Print AAR, as well as the SGR2047 - AAR Multi-Year Report is printing on 2 pages.  We are working to find a solution and will keep you updated.








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