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08.16.22  Census Block

The Census Block import/export will be updated for the new Census Block Group Tool at the end of September.


05.26.22 SAT0600 Student Detail Report

There is an issue with the format of this report.  The student(s) information pages are a smaller font/print. Since they have added the new part for CTE, all campuses have the pages with the Tier's on them even if they are not a CTE campus.  Also, the OATHS AND AFFIDAVITS page is not there for the non CTE campuses.  A ticket to the TCC has been submitted.


05.18.22  AAR (Academic Achievement Record)

UPDATE 05.26.22:  The TCC is working on a fix.  It will not be available in the next update. Districts will have to print two pages for now.

In Grade Reporting > Maintenance > Student > Individual Maint > CUMULATIVE COURSES > Print AAR, as well as the SGR2047 - AAR Multi-Year Report is printing on 2 pages.  We are working to find a solution and will keep you updated.








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