Department for School Operations



12.3.21 Issues relating to the extract for P-EBT. 

The first reported issue is related to the header, specifically, the District ID.  Our extract does not include the underscore between “District” and “ID”, and it is causing an error upon upload.  The second reported issue is related to Campus ID.  Our extract includes the Campus ID however, the HHSA system requires the Campus ID to be in the format of “County Code-District Code-Campus Code”, each being three digits and making up the Campus ID code.

TCC is working on a fix to release early next week.

11.29.21 TeacherPortal Cycle Grades – Fill Exempt Exams not saving.

An issue has been reported regarding the Fill Exempt Exams button not functioning correctly when used on the Cycle Grades page. The button correctly fills all empty exam grades with an X however, when entering PIN and saving, the X is not saved. 

A temporary work-around is to manually enter the X for each student without using the Fill Exempt Exams button and then save. 

11.18.21  Testing Precodes

TCC has received several issues regarding testing precodes.  Following are the issues we have received along with their solutions.

  • Issue:  Uploading a .csv into TIDE overwrites a student’s data if the student was already part of TIDE causing the existing data to be overwritten with blanks if the new file contains blanks in columns where previously there were no blanks.

Solution:  TCC will provide a cumulative student registration file to prevent existing data in TIDE to be overwritten.  The cumulative file will have all the columns populated for each individual student for the following exams:  STAAR EOC Fall, TELPAS, TELPAS Alternate, STAAR Alternate 2, STAAR Interim 3-8, STAAR Interim EOC.  STAAR EOC Spring and STAAR 3-8 are not part of the cumulative file and will be part the cumulative file next year in time for the submission windows. Instructions on how to run the cumulative file from ASCENDER will be released when the functionality releases on 11/30/2021.

  • Issue:  ASCENDER is producing an error when districts attempt to extract students for STAAR Interim indicating there is no data to extract.

Solution:  Students need to be precoded for STAAR Interim in Test Scores > Maintenance > Individual Maintenance.  If your district did not complete the precoding, you may run the file SQL_Interim_Precoding located on the FTP site, Application/ASCENDER/Resources/AdditionalScripts/TestingPrecodes, to precode students for STAAR Interim 3-8 and EOC.  Districts still need to go into Test Scores > Maintenance > Individual Maintenance and precode students who are taking Test Off Grade for any subject. 

  • Issue:  TIDE throws an error indicating the data produced from ASCENDER is invalid because the data is not zero padded where applicable.

Solution:  Ensure the file is not opened since that alters the file and can remove the zeros.  Instead, make a copy of the file to explore.

  • Issue:  An error is being received by clients when they upload the file to TIDE.  Once the file is opened, they learn the extract produced from ASCENDER has shifted columns.

Solution:  Ensure that you are running STAAR Interim 3-8 and not STAAR 3-8.  The STAAR 3-8 file layout has not been updated and the columns will be shifted.  The calendar TCC received indicates that STAAR 3-8 file is due the first week of February and TCC will provide the STAAR 3-8 in time for that submission.

  • Issue:  Grade Level “KG” is extracting as “0K”

Solution:  A fix will be provided for this on 11/30/2021.

  • School Operation Team only