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09-21-21  2021-2022 Core Collection: Class Roster Fall/Winter Submission Guide

There is currently an issue in the Master Schedule Interchange where EE-KG Section Extensions are generating to the interchange. This will be corrected in the next scheduled software update.

09-13-21 ASCENDER End User License Agreement

The latest update has an EULA that must be accepted in order to access ASCENDER or the Portals.  If you are unable to view the EULA or accept it please close the page, clear your browser cache/history then attempt to access the ASCENDER resources again.  The EULA is best viewed on a computer, however, for users viewing on a mobile device using the Safari browser, the user must adjust their browser settings to accept the EULA using the Submit button.  To adjust the Safari settings, complete the following:

  1. On the Safari settings, set the zoom level to 100% and select the Hide Toolbar option.
  2. After this is done, the Submit button displays correctly.

07-2-21 OnDataSuite Reports from ESC8

We used the CSV files for your district from TSDS PDM, the OnDataSuite programmers have found there are some elements not contained in these CSV’s files.  If you notice a discrepency in the ODS report from us please load your Summer Interchange Files in your version of OnDataSuite.  If you do not have OnDataSuite and would like us to upload your Interchange Files and resend the report please enter a ticket..



  • School Operation Team only