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10.28.22  ASCENDER Special Education Module

When making a change in this module and saving it, then tlrying to entering the next student, you will get an error "Return To Landing Page".  A ticket to the TCC has been put in.


05.26.22 SAT0600 Student Detail Report

There is an issue with the format of this report.  The student(s) information pages are a smaller font/print. Since they have added the new part for CTE, all campuses have the pages with the Tier's on them even if they are not a CTE campus.  Also, the OATHS AND AFFIDAVITS page is not there for the non CTE campuses.  A ticket to the TCC has been submitted.


05.18.22  AAR (Academic Achievement Record)

UPDATE 05.26.22:  The TCC is working on a fix.  It will not be available in the next update. Districts will have to print two pages for now.

In Grade Reporting > Maintenance > Student > Individual Maint > CUMULATIVE COURSES > Print AAR, as well as the SGR2047 - AAR Multi-Year Report is printing on 2 pages.  We are working to find a solution and will keep you updated.








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